Svalheim Farm


At historical Svalheim Gard we offer our guests accommodation in the main building or the old storage house from 1854.
The combination of our own cooking skills, good partners and hired chefs, makes our dining unique and exciting.
Guided trips
We give you the best experiences with hiking, mountaineering, cycling, skiing, kayaking and much more. We arrange everything - so you can enjoy the ride.
The Carriage building has been converted into meeting rooms with conference equipment, where we offer day packages or complete with dinner and lodging.

Svalheim Farm have a 1000 year long history, dating from before the Viking era. There are clues that show activity on Svalheim already from the early Iron Age, and Svalheim Farm are mentioned in written sources from the 16th century.

The farmhouse itself, as we see it today was built in 1893. The farm is located in Utladalen, "Valley of Waterfalls", which is a natural gateway to Jotunheimen from the west. It is a popular base for climbing peaks in the western part of Jotunheimen. Svalheim Farm is located 3 km from the town of Øvre Årdal, and is the perfect place for the adventurous who like activities in the mountains, often in mountain pioneer Slingsby's footsteps.

The area is also known for beautiful waterfalls, including Hjelle Fossen, Avdalsfossen, Hyljefossen and Vettisfossen, which is within easy reach from Svalheim Farm. The river Utla which flows close by, is a good seatrout / salmon river, and fishing licenses can be purchased at Camp Utladalen located next door.

On Svalheim Farm we have room for 22 overnight guests. The farmhouse has a warm and cozy atmosphere with a total of 5 bedrooms, 2 large living rooms and 3 bathrooms with shower and WC. In addition there are 2 newly renovated guest rooms in the old storehouse located next to the farmhouse. We emphasize creating a pleasant atmosphere rather than luxury. In the farmhouse breakfast is provided to all our guests. Lunch or dinner is offered on request. Svalheim offer free WIFI to all our guests.

The cafe is popular during market days and at open houses, with much good stuff for young and old. Of course it is possible to enjoy both drinks and food outdoors on sunny days.

We do our best to ensure that our guests receive good experiences at Svalheim Farm. The old Carriage building has been converted into meeting rooms with conference equipment. It offers day packages (fruit, lunch and coffee, etc.) or complete with dinner and lodging.

We offer Svalheim Farm for confirmations, weddings and other large events. In the farmhouse, the pub, the stable and "Eldhuset" we can create the right atmosphere for all kind of events. The beautiful surroundings makes your party a great experience.

The combination of our own cooking skills, good partners, hired cooks makes our dining unique and exciting. We have no fixed menu but offer any request our guests may have.